Progress Note: Therapists in Media

Mr. Frond in Bob's Burgers:

Is this guy licensed? Probably not. He's terrible, and yet he's terrible in a way that I feel the profession has to answer for, and thus I consider him an excellent depiction of a terrible therapist in media. Soppy, false, fundamentally cowardly, and quick to threaten social services.

The therapists on Married at First Sight:

There's Dr. Pepper Schwartz, the blonde woman with the very warm smile who really seems like she wants the best for people, which makes her a terrifying paradox because SHE IS LENDING HER CLINICAL REPUTATION TO THIS SHOW, a show where emotional children try to use thousands of years of religious and civic tradition to trick a stranger into caring for them for life, but like.. MUTUALLY, which is even more upsetting somehow because it speaks to such a depth of delusion. Then there is Dr. Joseph Cilona, who is probably okay, but his facial hair is much too well-groomed, making him look like  a wax copy of himself. The sex therapist I don't mind because she has such a Carrie Bradshaw demeanor, which seems more honest to the enterprise and therefore less frightening.

The unnamed protagonist's therapist in Chemistry (Weike Wang):

The unnamed protagonist (UP) has been having a conversation with her therapist about the lack of purpose and joy in her professional life (I am summarizing and you should just read this book, it's very good and a thousand times funnier and more piercing than that description makes it sound). The therapist asks her if she has hobbies. The UP, who has been doing nothing but work since she was a child, has a hard time getting the point, and shoots down a series of therapisty suggestions for relaxing hobbies. Then this perfect moment:
"The shrink excuses herself to get water. I see her shadow return but linger a few seconds outside the door. Eric has said that I carry close to my chest a ball of barbed wire that I sometimes throw at other people."

You should read this book.